“Kadie” - Ch Grandgables Most Appealing (Imp Canada)

Full name: Ch Grandgables Most Appealing (Imp Canada)
Call name: Kadie
Gender: Female
Colour: Sable & White
Breeders: Mr G.A.P. Jeavons & Mr M.S. Houston-McMillan
DOB: 14 May 2013
Genetic Profile: CEA - normal/clear/negative
DM - normal/clear/negative
MDR1 - normal/clear/negative
VWD Type III - normal/clear/negative
PCD - normal/clear/negative
Hips: D2/C1
Height: 34cm / 13.25 inches
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Kadie really is a most appealing little sheltie – a gentle, dainty little lady, sensitive to every word and mood and just loves her family. She is also full of spunk and so eager to please.

Kadie – alert, sensitive, trustworthy, somewhat reserved but never fearful; capable, steady and gentle yet full of fun at a moment’s notice as if she has an on/off switch! Kadie comes from a sound background of wonderful dogs and as my first brood bitch I look forward to seeing her offspring. Kadie obtained her final CC (challenge certificate) at the Cape shows in March 2015 to qualify for her South African championship status and is now Ch Grandgables Most Appealing

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